This 1887 House Was Considered ‘Uninhabitable’ But Now It Is Restored To Its Former Glory

At times, houses may end up being left to simply fall down around the foundation. That was the case for this home, which was built in 1887. It no longer appeared to be inhabitable and over the course of time, it began falling apart.

The Queen Ann style home featured a lot of personality, including contrasting trim, large porches and plenty of decorative detail. It had five bedrooms, three bathrooms and was solidly built. The only problem was, nobody had cared for the house in a very long time and if somebody would not have stepped in, it surely would have been a total loss.

Fortunately, somebody saw the potential of this home and the value of building it to its former glory. Older homes can certainly give character to any area, and this one is no different.

You can see the transformation through the pictures below.


This is what the home look like before anyone decided to do something with it. It is possible to see the detail and beauty, but it certainly was hidden under years of neglect. It had been declared uninhabitable.

Fortunately, somebody saw the potential and gave it a second chance.


It doesn’t even look like the same house today!


Everything has been restored lovingly and enriched with inviting shades of color.


Quite lovely!


When the interior was being restored, everything that could be salvaged was saved. When necessary, they were placed what was unsalvageable.


The floors are composed out of 5 different types of wood. The color and splashes of light that come in through stained-glass windows make it absolutely warm and beautiful.


Each bedroom has its own style and details, creating a timeless charm.


All of the rooms have been decorated with care and each one has its own vibrant color scheme. The dining room is pink!


The kitchen is also a wonderful piece of history as well. It has modern appliances because there is no reason why you can’t combine this historic charm and modern convenience


There is a cozy woodstove, perfect for curling up nearby and reading a book.


Each of the 5 bedrooms upstairs has its own decoration and color scheme.


This house is actually a licensed bed-and-breakfast so it would be the perfect getaway for you and someone you love.

It would also be an awesome family home.


This lovely sunny room would be perfect as an office.


There’s also a little hideout in the attic, which is a great place to spend a rainy day or to use as a guest room.


You can already see that there are some hobbies going on upstairs, including the spinning wheel and a guitar. It certainly does have a lot of potential but it is amazing what has already been done to it.

Via: Little Things

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