Ölüdeniz Has the Most Beautiful Blue Water in the World

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the word beach? Many of us think of a white sand beach in the Caribbean or perhaps an exotic island in the South Pacific. What if I told you that the beach in Ölüdeniz, a small town in Turkey, is absolutely the most beautiful in the world? It is on the Mediterranean Sea and when it comes to the blue water in the “Blue Lagoon,” you will be absolutely blown away.

This beach is located on the southwest coast of Turkey. It is difficult to find, because it is tucked inside of the mountains that shelter it from all around. The water is quite placid and it invites anyone to wade in it, kayak or simply to enjoy a day by the bluest water in the world.

If you think that it is nice to see the beach from ground level, just wait till you see it from the sky. Paragliding is a popular past time in this area, and it’s easy to see why.



If the blue water isn’t enough to get you running to the area, it is also home to what is known as “Butterfly Valley.” There are more than 80 species of butterflies in this government protected sanctuary and it is absolutely beautiful.

It doesn’t matter if you are after adventure or a place to get away from it all, this is paradise and it will provide you with what you need.


Via: Huffington Post

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