A Stranger Helps Out A Pregnant Woman With A Loud Baby On A Plane

Many of us appreciate the benefits of traveling by plane. It is a great feeling to step on the plane in one location and within a matter of hours, step off of the plane perhaps thousands of miles away from where we first started. That being said, there are also some things that can be frustrating, including babies who get fussy while flying.

When you travel with children, it can be difficult and that is especially true if you’re pregnant. When this woman was with her kids on a flight, one of the passengers saw something that was such an act of kindness, she took a picture and posted to a community Facebook page. It shows that there still is plenty of kindness left in the world.

The Post Reads:

On a flight back to Georgia, this man, who was a stranger to this woman, offered to help her because she was pregnant and alone on the flight and her son was upset and fussy.

He told her that he was a DAD, and wanted to help her so she could rest. He walked the aisle most of the flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta comforting this woman’s son as if he was his own

“I was in tears…not because he was white and she was black…but because it showed me today that there are still GOOD people out there in a world full of turmoil.” – Angela Byrd


Via: SomeECards

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