A Real Seal Finds A Toy Seal And He Keeps Hugging It

There are many different cute animals in the world but when it comes to the ultimate in cuteness, you really can’t beat what a seal brings to the table. Of course, when you have a live seal that has fallen in love with a stuffed animal version of itself, it is so adorable you will have a heart meltdown.

This seal is from Mumbetsu Land in Japan and the zoo staff gave him a special treat, a plush little toy that looked like a mini me of him. The seal was obviously quite enamored with the toy and he couldn’t stop hugging it once he had it. You have to wonder if he thinks the toy seal was a baby or not. Regardless of why he loves it, the attachment is real.

Mombetsu Land is the home to this adorable seal, and he received a special gift from the zoo staff.

It is a stuffed animal that looks just like a mini me version of the seal.

After he received the plush toy, he couldn’t stop hugging it and squeezing it to his heart.

H/T: Bored Panda

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