A Parent Has Had Enough Of Common Core So They Write A Brilliant Cheque To The School

It can be difficult to be a student and at times, we may find that we are struggling to work our way upstream and losing out in the process. It has always been that way, and many people have struggled with education in the past, but today, it seems as if there is something that is working against us. It is common core maths, and it drives both students and parents crazy.

Most people tend to look at common core maths in one of two different ways. They either get angry over the situation or they find a way to tell a joke about it. One of the things that is true about it, regardless of how you look at it, is the fact that it is controversial. Even if you try to fight against it, you are basically fighting against the system and you could even be accused of bad parenting.

The first example is a child who told his teacher that it is impossible to make 10 with 8+5. Is it wrong, but check out what the teacher had to say.

It is also amusing to see the letter from this electronic engineer who tried to make his child feel better about maths. He talks about simplification over complication and does so in a real-world way.

Perhaps the funniest stab at common core comes from this man who decided to write a cheque to the school district. He filled it out using common core maths and dared them to cash it.

A story in the Washington Post was rather revealing about common core standards.

Students took online tests in maths and English. Only one third of the students were proficient in those subjects. They lowered the standard so that 65{eb6f7f7b356173a55f7c80c93af666d6d9eab97138da3c436c10382de1fd0ae4} of them were proficient. In other words, they cheated.

Four states didn’t adopt common core and three have pulled out of it.

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