A Brother Comes To Meet His New Niece In A Suit For A Wonderful Reason

Although most of us would like to think that we were not judgmental, the fact of the matter is, we tend to have that streak in us. It is unfortunate but the old saying that you should not judge a book by its cover often lands on deaf ears. Far too many times, we do judge a book by its cover and we do so by making the first impression one that shapes our opinion of something for the rest of our life.

When we come to this realization, we can make some changes in our own life to avoid that problem. It is also possible to make some changes in our life to avoid that problem coming in our direction as well. Apparently, the young lad in this post understood the importance of making a first impression, and he did so in an amazing way.

Iris Kessler, a 16-year-old girl, had an 18-year-old brother named Grant. She also had two older sisters.

One of her older sisters had recently given birth to a baby girl named Carter.

When Iris went to the hospital with her family to meet Carter, Grant showed up in clothes that took everyone by surprise. He was wearing a suit and tie, complete with a tie clip.

Why was he doing this? Because first impressions matter, including the first impression that the baby would have of him. Since posting this picture, it has gone viral.

After seeing the tweet go viral, grant was just trying to keep his cool

She could tell that he was getting excited about it.

“He’s always the type to show up to things dressed up, or bring a cake for no reason,” she said.

Carter may not remember meeting her uncle but she will always grow up with this story.

According to Grant’s mother, he was “extraordinarily excited, proud and protective regarding the birth of his first niece. His dressing up was both a show of respect and a way to honour her arrival.”

In the running for Uncle of the Year

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