3 Lions Save a Young Girl

Marriage is a way of life in almost every culture, but there are differences in the way that it takes place from one part of the world to the next. In Ethiopia, many girls are still forced into marriage after being abducted and raped by their abductors. This is not a random occurrence, it happen 70{eb6f7f7b356173a55f7c80c93af666d6d9eab97138da3c436c10382de1fd0ae4} of the time in that country!

It didn’t come as a surprise to anyone when a 12-year-old girl was abducted from a village and forced to marry. Fortunately for this girl, however, she had somebody watching over her that was quite unexpected! This story may seem unbelievable, but it has been confirmed.

After the girl was abducted, 3 Lions watched over her for an entire day until she was found by the authorities.
(image source: Flickr / Philippe Rouzet)

The lions saw the young girl being assaulted and were distressed by her situation. They charged at the men, who wisely withdrew.

NBC news was told by one police investigator that the lion stood guard until they found her. After she was found, they simply left her and went back into the forest.
(image source: Flickr / Tambako The Jaguar)

This may not be so far-fetched, as the fact that she was crying may have prompted the lions to respond. This is according to Stuart Williams, who is a wildlife expert.
(image source: Flickr / William Warby)

It is not uncommon for lions to hear a baby crying and mistake it for one of their own cubs. Her crying sound may have mimicked a cub mewing, and that would explain why she wasn’t eaten by these animals.

It doesn’t matter why she was saved, the fact that she was protected from harm is nothing short of a miracle. You will be happy to know that 4 out of the 7 men who were involved in the crime have already been arrested.

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