16 Of The Funniest Kitchen Fails Of All Time

More and more frequently, people tend to be spending time in the kitchen and they are doing so to save money and because they recognise that home-cooked food is the best food. In some cases, it may just be a pan full of macaroni and cheese but it is something that is ours and the unique creation that we make.

The unfortunate reality of spending additional time in the kitchen is the fact that disasters are going to happen. In fact, they happen all too frequently and when you experience one, it can be quite frustrating. That is why it is important for you to laugh at your mistakes and you can do so by looking at the mistakes of others. Check out the following 16 kitchen fails. They will make you feel better about your own mistakes.

1. This birthday cake was so ugly that one of the kids at the party started crying

2. It’s like a chick massacre

3. The horror of it all

4. Eggs and rice gone wrong

5. Too much pressure on the pressure cooker

6. When you lose something while cooking

7. When you forget caramel on the stove

8. Bad monkey

9. Pizza anyone?

10. Welcome home

11. The agony of defeat

12. Nuclear meltdown

13. When you fall asleep while baking

14. Another pressure cooker mishap

15. So close

16. Finding chocolate anywhere you can.

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