11 Heart-Warming Stories To Restore Your Faith In Mankind

From time to time, we could all use a helping hand. Many of us have also lent a helping hand at some time in the past. It’s a part of our natural human kindness and when we see it in action, it truly warms the heart.

If your faith in humanity is waning, these 12 short stories are sure to bring it back again. They may even inspire you to do something special today, and to keep doing it from this day forward.

A policeman sheltering rescued animals

This young policeman recently posted a picture of a little kitten he saved, thanks to a call from a local citizen. The officer gave a forever home to this cute kitty, and she was warmly welcomed by the other animals at his home.

A billionaire gave all of his fortune to scientists


Olav Thon, a 92-year-old Norwegian billionaire, decided to donate his fortune to help finance medical research. He has no children, and, in his words, ’I wouldn’t be able to take it all with me. I have my bicycle and my skis, and I don’t eat a lot.

This police officer gave a big surprise


A police officer was about to give a ticket to a man for not having a booster seat in his car. When he found out that the man was barely earning enough to get by, he went out and bought him the seat himself.

Polish stray cats were fed and sheltered


Poland has a lot of stray cats and the government has come up with a plan to help. They are building insulated ‘houses’ and if anyone puts one next to their home, they get a free supply of cat food for the winter.

These young men cut lawns for people who can’t do it themselves

Two guys from Alabama help a 93 year old woman with her lawn and, over time, it has grown into a larger charity. Today, there are many volunteers who help senior citizens and others care for their lawn when they are unable to do it themselves.

School staff clears the path for this duck with her ducklings through the school every year

A duckmakes her nest and hatches her eggs in the backyard of a small elementary school. When she needs to take her ducklings to a pond, they open the doors and let her pass through the school hallways.

This restaurant’s staff are always ready to feed you for free

A man living in Canada gives food to those who are in need at his restaurant for free. ’If you are hungry but have no money to pay for food, just ring the bell or come for a box of free food or coffee any time’ – that’s what the door sign says. He has experienced hard times but was too shy to ask.

Students surprise their teacher who’d lost her cat with new pets

A teacher was mourning the loss of her cat and her students found some rescued kittens to surprise their teacher. When you see the expression on her face, it speaks volumes.

This woman adopted six girls to keep them together

This young woman wanted to be a mother so she decided on adoption. She ended up adopting 4 girls and then another 2, all born from the same mother.

In Canada, pets are taken care of during fires

Both humans and animals were without homes because of terrible forest fires in Canada. Local airlines allowed people to bring pets on the planes.

At the same time, a Canadian citizen looked after animals who were left in the ring of fire. He feeds them and keeps them company.

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